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Beyond Farming, He Loves Reggae Music-Patrick Lumula’s Profile.

A devoted, dedicated and passionate farmer is some of the words that would best describe Patrick’s love for organic farming. Even as a young boy in school, Patrick used to grow vegetables that he would harvest and later sell to his teachers at school.  He formed and chaired most of the agricultural clubs and debates in school. He’s been a farmer his whole life and says farming is his life. He has three years participation at the organic farmers market.PATO5

His preferences for organic farming to conventional farming are being able to contribute to healthy living, and organic farming not being expensive because he doesn’t have to buy things like pesticides and fertilizers. Like any type of farming, organic farming has its challenges. Pest control, getting the correct seeds for organic farming and general handling of the organic farming process are some of the challenges that Patrick has encountered as an organic farmer. Despite these challenges, he’s still enthusiastic about farming.

Patrick has acquired a wide clientele who has remained loyal to his organic products over the years. Trust is a key component in any relationship. He credits trust of the organic products he produces as one of the reasons his clients keep coming back to purchase his organic produce every other week, because his clients have been using them for a long time without being disappointed. He offers reasonable prices to his clients because there are no middle men involved, he sells directly to the consumer.PATO4

He owns a two acre farm in Karen where he plants a variety of organic produce like eggplant, Celery, spinach, sukuma wiki (kale), broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, leeks, radish, organic veggie herbs and many more. He employs casual laborers to assist in his farm. He sets appointments for customers who want to visit his farm to either learn or buy products from his farm. Besides organic farming, he sells organic chicken and eggs. He also does home deliveries for clients during the week who need to purchase his products.PATO2

Patrick’s motivation about farming hails from the fact that he cultivates his own food for his consumption while still earning a living from farming. His passion for farming is admirable; he has great plans for his future that include growing more in to the organic farming business. He is also hopeful that one day he will definitely start his own organic company. Patrick is a reggae music lover. He says music is a constant companion while tending to his farm and while relaxing after a hard day at the farm.

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