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Muthoni Hari Profile

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12 years of part time farming was not enough for Muthoni Hari. She became tired of fulfilling other people’s dreams and visions and decided to quite full-time employment in favor of organic farming. Her need to become her own boss led her to venture into organic farming. She has been participating at the organic farmers market at Purdy Arms Restaurant since May 2015.

Besides participating at the organic farmers market, her ideal situation would be to make home deliveries.Fullscreen capture 1212016 124326 PM.bmp

She is keen on making sure there’s no wastage of her produce, she makes a relish from peppers before they go bad and jam from tree tomatoes and sells them. Continue reading

Keep Calm And Go Organic

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It’s another market day! And we are already here up and early ready with fresh organic produce and lots of healthy treats!

Maybe the resolution this year is to goorganic? Or well, it’s time to restock for the next week? Continue reading

Celery Soup Recipe

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Looking for a soup that has earthy flavor and is pretty versatile, then this scrumptious celery soup is definitely worth a try. Celery is known to be an impressive vegetable owing to the fact that a high percentage of it is water. It’s highly nutritious as its rich in Vitamin A, C and K. Want to go the veggie way? How about you start with this simple and amazingly delicious soup. Continue reading

Mary Wambui Mugo Profile

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At the age of 72, Mary Wambui Mugo, has defied the odds to be one of the oldest farmers at the Purdy Arms Organic Farmers Market.  Every Saturday she braves the morning weather to be at the market by 9:00 a.m.  Having been a farmer since 1962, Mugo decided to shift to organic farming five years ago, and has been participating at the organic farmers market for five years now, which has been profitable enough to sustain her through the years. Before she made the shift to personally use organic products, Mugo says she used to get admitted to the hospital for long periods of time.  All that changed once she decided to reap the nutritious benefits of organic produce from her farm, she says she has strength in her body and has seen reduced trips to the hospital.


Her knowledge on organic farming is vast, having learnt all about it for more than five years and received a certificate on completion. Situated in Dagoretti, she has a plot which is divided in four and among the things she grows includes: Spinach, bananas, butter nut, sukuma wiki (kales,) carrots, tomatoes, cabbages, cucumber, beans, celery, coriander, beans, sweet potato, African nightshade commonly referred to as Managu. She is in charge of her own farm and her grand children help in tilling, weeding and harvesting. Mugo’s biggest client is the Kenya Children’s Home (KCH) that purchases organic produce worth more than KES 35000 from different organic vendors. Most of her clients at the farmers market are people who have decided to shift to a healthier choice.

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Have It Healthy

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Happy 2016 Healthy Nation.

The year seems to be kicking off with a healthy start. Lovers of
organic products and local crafts have turned up for the first Organic Farmers Market of this new year with a lot of energy.

Purdy Arms Restaurant which hosts the market is bustling with
activity. Continue reading

Wilted Spinach With Sautéed Vegetables Recipe

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When it comes to going organic, there are endless possibilities in making amazingly delicious meals. With the current trend, it’s healthier, easy and way affordable to go organic. Here is a simple delicious salad recipe to get you started.


  • 2 large bunches of  spinach
  • Olive oil
  • 2 cloves of sliced garlic
  • Salt to desired taste

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Randall’s Organic Farm Story

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Jane Randall started farming 2 years ago. Previously she was in transport business for over 35 years. In her organic farm she keeps chicken for eggs and meat. She also grows produce like kales, spinach for sell and her chicken too. She also grows egg plant, lettuces, maize, beans, chillies. There are bananas in plenty too.ra5

She is very passionate about ‘ kienyeji’ chicken and the eggs. Currently she collects over 20 trays of eggs and sells all her eggs at Purdy Arms Organic Farmers Market in Karen. She also sells other farm produce at the market. Produce like celery, pumpkin, fresh chillies, avocados…


She also adds value to her chilli peppers by making fresh organic chilli mixes and sauces.

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Happy New Year

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Happy new year! #2016 is here with us! Isn’t it great to be #healthy, up and about and ready to stock up for the coming week? Isn’t it amazing to know that you can find fresh organic farm produce at your convenience?Untitled design (18)

We always look forward to Saturdays! We always look forward to fresh veggies, yummy jellies, butters, bread, all healthy and #natural options and oh yes, our fresh produce is ORGANIC! 100%!Untitled design (17)

So behold what’s at the #Organic Farmers Market this sunny Saturday – second day of the new year…and come through today, next Saturday, the week after…and every Saturday at Purdy Arms Restaurant – Marula Lane, Karen!


Have a lovely sunny one!


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