Organic Farmers Market


Coconut Oil ~ What Can’t It Do?


Whether you’re cooking, pampering yourself or doing work around the house, chances are you could use a dab of coconut oil to get the job done easier. While research into how it can boost your health is in it’s preliminary stages, early studies suggest that this anti-oxidant rich super-food can fight obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease.

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Trending: The Organic Bandwagon


Every weekend, around the world, people are forgoing their Saturday lie-in to wake up and explore booths of fresh, seasonal produce, high-quality livestock products and delicious ready-made food – and the farmers selling to them are waking up even earlier.

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5 Reasons To Go Organic


It Helps Local Farmers
Studies have shown that organic farms typically employ more people and get more out of their farmland, even potentially doubling their yield. In fact, organic farming techniques were shown to be especially effective in drought situations, as they required less water.

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Always in Season


Organic fruit is undeniably delicious, but you can’t always find exactly what you want. Whether it’s because of the season or because there are fewer organic farmers in Kenya, there are some fruits that you can’t find every trip to OFM. Of course, this means that when you do find them, it’s very tempting to buy in bulk – and, it turns out, you should!

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