OFM is dedicated to providing its customers with products that are genuinely organic. To that end, we only work with farmers who have been or are in the process of being evaluated by EnCert, a local organic certification agent.

Created in 2005, EnCert was the first local body to offer organic certification in Kenya. It uses guidelines set forth by the East African Organic Product Standards which were created using the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement’s (IFOAM) framework.

These regulations are built to govern the entire production process, not just the end result, which makes EnCert’s certification requirements intensive. All farms are inspected and their practices are documented and sent to EnCert for review.

If positive, the farm is listed in their Trading Schedule and issued a Certificate of Registration. They are then – and only then – allowed to use the EnCert logo on their products.


If you are a farmer interested in selling your products at OFM, please visit EnCert’s website (www.encert.co.ke) to see if your farm is within the organic standards and begin the certification process.

Disclaimer:  OFM is not a certification body, so while we work hard to ensure the quality of the organic products at our market each week, we can’t make guarantees about them. Please speak with individual farmers about their techniques, especially if you have any medical or allergy concerns.