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Dennis Andaye
Organic Farmers Market (Manager)
Phone: +254 712 879 803


The farmers we recruit must be passionate about the organic lifestyle. We work with EnCert, a certification body, and the market management team also makes frequent visits to farms for quality control purposes.

Farmers who are not practicing organic methods but would like to be part of the Organic Farmers Market must embrace and begin following organic principles. During this phase, they are categorised as being ‘In Transition’, and must work towards becoming fully organic. If not, they risk losing their place at the market.

Beyond fresh farm organic produce, we also offer space to businesses that produce healthy product options, like bread, cakes, fruit juices, cheeses, jams, chillies, nut butters, honey and much more. If you believe you match these qualifications, please visit our Certification page for more information and contact us to get started.

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