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Health benefits of Organic coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is one of the healthiest beneficial oils to the human body. The organic farmers market at the Purdy Arms Restaurant in Karen recognizes the importance of organic coconut oil and has vendors who sell a variety of coconut oil. Some of the types of coconut oil that our vendors sell at the market are compressed coconut oil, virgin coconut oil and cooking coconut oil. Organic coconut oil has shown immense positive health results when consumed or used on the skin, some of those health benefits include:

Improve the blood cholesterol level in the body which reduces the risk of suffering from a heart disease over long term. It also reduces the occurrence of injury or harm to the arteries which helps prevent atherosclerosis.coco2

Organic coconut oil is quite important during weight loss. Coconut oil has short and medium-chain fatty acids that reduce your hunger hence help you eat less and loose excess weight. It increases the metabolic rate in the body by reducing the amount of work on the pancreas which allows more energy to burn allowing overweight people to lose weight. Coconut oil is easy to digest and assists in the reduction of abdominal obesity in women as well as help to maintain a healthy functioning of thyroid and endocrine system.

It strengthens the body’s immune system because of the lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid found in coconut oil which helps in antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Approximately fifty percent of fatty acid found in coconut oil is the 12-carbon Lauric acid. When enzymatically digested, coconut oil forms a monoglyceride known as monolaurin. Lauric acid and monolaurin together can kill harmful pathogens such as fungi, viruses and bacteria that cause diseases like herpes, influenza and even HIV. Bacteria like helicobacter pylori which cause stomach ulcers can be fought using coconut oil.

Coconut oil is good for the skin, especially dry skin because it can improve the moisture and lipid content in the skin. It is good as massage oil and has no side effects to the skin. It delays wrinkling and sagging of skin which come with aging due to its antioxidants properties. Skin diseases like dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections can be remedied with coconut oil.

Coconut oil protects against hair damage and helps in the healthy growth of hair and giving it a shiny glow. It a good hair conditioner and prevents the loss of protein which could potentially cause unhealthy qualities in one’s hair.

Finally people who live around coastal towns where there is availability of organic coconut oil and they use it for cooking, on their skin or consume it, are generally considered healthier. These people have reduced heart diseases and they rarely suffer from obesity.

Where you can buy the oil – Organic Farmers Marker – Karen every Saturday from 9am and Sunny Daze in Westlands – Peponi Road, Peponi Gardens every Sunday from 10am 

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