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Humphrey Kamau Profile

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Unemployment is an issue that affects a lot of people in Kenya. Statistically 70% of the young working class in Kenya is unemployed. Humphrey Kamau chose not to be part of this statistic by venturing into organic farming. Having been raised up by parents who were farmers, Kamau learnt about organic farming from his parents, friends and age mates. As a farmer, he is self-employed and is able to employ other casual laborers to assist in his one acreage farm in Dagoretti. He is able to sustain his life by only being a farmer and selling his produce at the organic farmers market and through clients he got through word of mouth. He encourages the youths to stop complaining about lack of jobs and look in to self-employment.IMG_1164

Kamau has religious clients who show up every Saturday at the organic farmers market to purchase his produce because he offers them the best of fresh healthy produce. He derives satisfaction from knowing that he sold good produce to his clients.  He has established a good communication with his clients and he also educates them why organic produce is best for them. Organic farming is preferable to conventional farming for Kamau because it’s lucrative, and it’s environmentally friendly.IMG_1171

His aspirations for the future include owning a greenhouse and having other organic produce to sell during rainy season. In his 12years of being a farmer, Kamau grows arrowroots, sukuma wiki, spinach, strawberries, broccoli, African nightshade commonly referred as managu, coriander. Kamau has been a vendor at the organic farmers market since in 2008. Personally, he has been using organic products since 2007 due to the health benefits associated with organic products. He personally tends to the overall wellbeing of his farm, and as a result he always needs to maintain a good health hence good strength to be able to farm his farm.


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