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Is Organic Food Expensive?

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“Organic food is expensive” is one of the excuses that most people give when asked why they don’t eat organic food. But how much do you value your life? How much is your health worth to you? While researching about this article, I read about a farmer who always responded to people who always complained about the high price of organic foods by asking them “Have you priced cancer lately?”


It’s true that certified organic food and products are normally more expensive than conventional food. This can be attributed to the fact that organic food is limited in supply compared to its demand, the cost of production of organic foods are usually higher reason being that there is a greater labor input per unit of output and greater diversity of enterprises meaning economies of scale is not achievable. Also post harvesting handling of relatively small amounts of organic foods leads to higher costs incurred and organic food grows more slowly.expe3

Due to the fact that organic food is grown without any pesticides and chemicals, rather they use compost manure and natural ways to deal with pests. This limits your exposure to chemicals and pesticides if you have health issues. Organic foods are more nutritious and have higher amounts of antioxidants on average than conventionally grown food. No chemicals are used to preserve organic foods. All in all organic foods offer food safety benefits to the body.eat5

Conventional food is more affordable due to the fact that it grows faster because of the chemicals and fertilizers used in the growth process. But would you rather eat food grown with a lot of chemicals and pesticides and suffer from diseases that you could have avoided to begin with?  Cheaper is not always better. The cost of health insurance, treatment and medication has increased and most people are unable to afford it. However, consumption of organic vegetables and fruits can lower the risk of you getting diseases as well as help contain some of the diseases you may have.

In the long term, organic food is cheaper. Eating organic food is paramount to your health and protecting the environment. As much as you spend now on organic products, you will reap immense health and beauty benefit. Eating organic foods can improve your health in the long run and cut back on the cost of your hospital bills and improve on your productivity. Take a chance on organic and see the benefits for yourself.

You have an opportunity to buy fresh organically grown foods at the Purdy Arms Organic Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am in Karen and on Sundays, at Sunny Daze in Westlands – Peponi Road, Peponi Gardens.


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