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Live Love Organic

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Purdy Arms Restaurant in Karen is host to the organic Farmers Market every Saturday from 9:00a.m to 4:00p.m. Vendors arrive as early as 8:00a.m to step up and be ready by 9:00a.m in preparation for their clients. Considering some of the customers prefer to be at the market before 9:00a.m, the vendors are always ready to accommodate them.  Fullscreen capture 1282016 94632 AM.bmp

The variety of products at the farmers market ensures that you will get numerous. Some of the organic produce readily available at the farmers market include: Spinach, chicken, white onions, Ethiopian kale, butter nut, sweet potatoes, carrots, beans, cucumber, strawberries, arrow roots, cornflower, colored peppers, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin, peas, rhubarb, red/white cabbages, coriander, broccoli, celery, tree tomatoes and many more. You can always purpose to visit the farmers market for these and more fresh healthier produce every Saturday. It’s advisable to come early to the market because more and more people are shifting to the use of organic products and the demand soon surpasses the supply towards the afternoons. It’s a cool environment and a nice avenue to also meet like-minded people and exchange ideas and stories, recipes, with regards to organic products. Fullscreen capture 1232016 112544 AM.bmpAttending the organic farmers market can be a family fun fare. The grounds at Purdy Arms have a spacious children’s playground. There are swings and bouncing castles, face painting and other games to keep your children busy while you shop at the organic market. Our farmers are knowledgeable about organic products and are always willing and ready to assist their customers whenever necessary. Our famers are generous enough to allow potential clients to visit their farms to see how the organic produce are grown and harvested. Once in a while our vendors would also deliver to their regular customers who fail to attend the market due to various commitments. Our vendors and customers have a strong bond due to consistency and the good organic produce that they offer. Often the customers learn new recipes or ways to incorporate and make the best dishes out of the organic produce.Fullscreen capture 1232016 113020 AM.bmp

Safety has become a necessity in Kenya right now. When you visit the organic farmer’s market, you need not worry about security because the Purdy Arms Restaurant ground is a secure environment with ample parking space and free entry. There’s only one entrance to the grounds and the entire surrounding is well fenced and secure.

The beauty of visiting the farmers market is that it saves you a lot of money by availing healthy products for you to purchase, thereby giving you a healthy lifestyle choice.  And also the prices for the products at the market are favorable to our customers. You can always count on us at the organic farmers market, to deliver top notch verified organic products.

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