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Muthoni Hari Profile

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12 years of part time farming was not enough for Muthoni Hari. She became tired of fulfilling other people’s dreams and visions and decided to quite full-time employment in favor of organic farming. Her need to become her own boss led her to venture into organic farming. She has been participating at the organic farmers market at Purdy Arms Restaurant since May 2015.

Besides participating at the organic farmers market, her ideal situation would be to make home deliveries.Fullscreen capture 1212016 124326 PM.bmp

She is keen on making sure there’s no wastage of her produce, she makes a relish from peppers before they go bad and jam from tree tomatoes and sells them. Her ½ acreage farm in Kinang’op produces some of the best products at the Organic farmers market. Among them red and white cabbages, sweet corn, brussels sprout, rhubarb, Chinese cabbage, tree tomatoes, colored peppers and many more. Since she started participating at the market, she has developed a wide variety of consistent clients who value her consistency in delivery and good quality of fresh produce every Saturday.Fullscreen capture 1212016 123930 PM.bmp

Going out to look for seed catalogues, when seeds start to sprout and harvesting is what motivates her to be a farmer.

Muthoni prefers organic farming because organic farming is an up and coming trend currently, and people are slowly becoming conscious of what they eat, and also personal preference; she hails from a dairy farming family and easily gets manure for her farm. She occasionally has knowledgeable discussions with her friends and fans on social media about organic products and encourages them to use them. Fullscreen capture 1212016 123625 PM.bmp


Some of her clients at the market also enquire how to incorporate her products in their cooking, and she’s always happy to help them.  She is ambitious and hopes to increase her products by increasing her farm’s acreage and to have a well farmed organic produce in the future.


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