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Naomi Macharia Profile

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Spring onions, red cabbage, beet roots, potatoes, green peas, leeks, spinach, onions, artichoke and carrots are some of the products that Naomi sells at the organic farmers market. She owns a four-acre farm in Nyakainu and other areas around Naivasha too. She has been participating in the organic farmers market for over five years now. She learnt about organic farming from the Kenya Institute of Organic Farming, (KIOF). Since being taught about organic and learning the benefits of organic, she decided to shift to organic farming.

Having practiced organic farming for more than 10 years, she recons that during the early years, market was the main challenge. But over the years, more people have been coming out demanding for organic or organically grown produce.

Naomi produces good quality products that makes her clients keep coming back and referring her to their friends and family. She credits her clients for knowing that her products are good organic products and that they are not harmful but good for the growth and development of her clients’ children as well as themselves.

Naomi mentions the downside to organic farming as low market for organic products, seeds are hard to find and are also expensive and it’s hard to farm organic and make the manure required for organic farming. She thinks the reasons why most Kenyans are yet to fully embrace organic farming is because they don’t know about its benefits, they are not fully educated or made aware of how helpful eating organic products can be to them and the environment. She also states that despite the fact that organic products are healthy, they are expensive which makes Kenyans to shy away from them.

She dares to hope that in the future she will be able to get more clients so that she can also put more effort in to her farming and get more produce. Also, she hopes the organic market will expand so she can be able to sell her produce to other markets as well.

(Organic Farmers Market happens every Saturday from 9am at Purdy Arms. At the market you will finds vendors selling organic certified veggies and other vendors selling other healthier option products like pastries, drinks, nut butters, pickles, chillies, jams, honey, dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, teas and more. Also you will find local handmade arts&crafts)

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