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Observing your Etiquette at the Organic Farmers Market

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Good etiquette whenever you visit a place is one of the ways to ensure that you have a nice experience. Most people rarely think of their manners when they go to the market, hence they are most likely not aware or ignorant about the mannerisms. Here are some few reflective lenses for you:

Be mindful of other customers in the market. For example, when the customer ahead of you purchases more products and it takes longer to package, do not act impatient instead smile and patiently wait for your time in line. Or sometimes the customer in front of you could be getting a demonstration of how to use a product, instead of complaining about how much the vendor is spending on one customer, how about you politely ask to join in on the demonstration. You might learn something you didn’t know before and save on time.TO2

Respect the produce at the Market. Do not squeeze organic produce like avocados, tomatoes and fruits like mangoes. If you want to determine how ripe they are you can ask the farmer for assistance. If there are produce that you don’t know or you have previously seen but have no clue how to use, kindly ask the farmer about it, they will gladly help you. You stand to discover a new recipe or information that you might actually enjoy!TO1

Do not throw liter around the market at undesignated places. One of the reasons people love organic is the fact that it protects the environment, it only stands that you keep the market clean, habitable, and protect the environment in the process.

When tasting samples or asked for feedbacks, be genuine with the vendors. You are also not obligated to buy once you’ve tasted a sample. Giving honest feedback only helps to serve you better as it helps the vendors to improve their quality, increase supply of a particular product, or even add or subtract from a product based on what the customers’ demands are. Also you can let the vendor know how you use their produce and even bring some of it for the vendor to have a taste.

Always keep time when going to the farmers market. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. For example, if you doubt a produce is organic, you can always ask the farmer. Our farmers at the organic farmers market are kind enough to invite you to their farms to see the farming process and verify that their products are organic.TO4

Next time you visit the Purdy Arms Organic Farmers Market, keep these etiquette points in mind. Kudos though to all our customers at the Organic Farmers Market at the Purdy Arms in Karen, as they have proven to have some of the best market place etiquette.


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Photography by Filmic Media

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