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Randall’s Organic Farm Story

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Jane Randall started farming 2 years ago. Previously she was in transport business for over 35 years. In her organic farm she keeps chicken for eggs and meat. She also grows produce like kales, spinach for sell and her chicken too. She also grows egg plant, lettuces, maize, beans, chillies. There are bananas in plenty too.ra5

She is very passionate about ‘ kienyeji’ chicken and the eggs. Currently she collects over 20 trays of eggs and sells all her eggs at Purdy Arms Organic Farmers Market in Karen. She also sells other farm produce at the market. Produce like celery, pumpkin, fresh chillies, avocados…


She also adds value to her chilli peppers by making fresh organic chilli mixes and sauces.


Through the farm, they are able as a family to live and eat healthier food.. As a family they rarely  get sick and she attributes this to the good organic food that comes from her farm.

Randall’s farm is located in Hardy Karen where she lives.


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