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Reasons Why You Need to Support an Organic Farmer’s Market

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While you visit the organic farmers market, there is a mutual benefit between the vendors at the market and the customers. As long as you keep making these visits every other week, you are providing support to the farmers market. Why don’t you invite your friends and family to the farmers market? After all, there is more than one reason you for you to support the market.

1.Protecting the environment.

Due to the process of growing of organic veggies and fruits, and the manufacture of organic products, there is no soil, water or air pollution involved. While buying organic it means you are encouraging more organic farming which means less pollution of the environment.

2. Give support to farmer’s family.

Purchasing directly from the farmers provides the farmer with a chance to earn a living.Fullscreen capture 2172016 105256 AM.bmp

3.Get to know the origin of what you consume

Our farmers are very welcoming to their farms. If you schedule a visit with them, they will be happy to show you how they grow and harvest their organic produce. You could ask the farmers about where and how the food is produced when you visit the farmers market. Going to the market provides you with an opportunity of connecting with where your food is coming from. You could visit the organic farmers market and get to know more about your farmers, what they sell and their farms.

4.Learn new cooking tips, recipes, meal ideas and various benefits of the food purchased.

When you purchase at a supermarket or a grocery store, it is very rare, in fact it hardly happens that the cashier will give you recipes or tips on how to cook the particular vegetables or ingredients that you have bought. Organic farmers on the other hand are passionate about healthy eating and are always willing to give free cooking tips and recipes on how to prepare what you have bought from them and introduce you to new meal ideas.cookingpot

5.Tasty and fresh produce

You can appreciate the benefits of fresh produce especially when you are shopping for a whole week’s veggies and fruits every weekend at the farmers market. The fresh produce still has all its nutritional values intact therefore you get that as a benefit of eating the organic products. Organic produce also have some of the tastiest natural flavors available.Fullscreen capture 3172016 123256 PM.bmp

6.Connect with your community

The Organic farmers market makes shopping a rather pleasant affair. Rather than pushing a trolley in a rather confined area, the farmers market provides a fresh air out door shopping area. Our farmers market is a community hub; our location, the Purdy Arms Restaurant gives you a chance to meet with your friends and a place for your children to play while you shop.


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