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Interview with Eco Love, a Fisherman From Lamu who Supplies Midnight Seafood

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When did you start fishing?

My father taught me when I was a boy. For ten years, we used to go deep sea fishing together. It’s a tough job, and hard work; you have to know everything about it before you can go out on your own. I left it for a couple of years and did dhow trips for tourists, but after that I returned to fishing.

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Naomi Macharia Profile

Spring onions, red cabbage, beet roots, potatoes, green peas, leeks, spinach, onions, artichoke and carrots are some of the products that Naomi sells at the organic farmers market. She owns a four-acre farm in Nyakainu and other areas around Naivasha too. She has been participating in the organic farmers market for over five years now. She learnt about organic farming from the Kenya Institute of Organic Farming, (KIOF). Since being taught about organic and learning the benefits of organic, she decided to shift to organic farming.

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Fluffy Buttah

Fluffy Buttah, looking for a great moisturizer, lacking all the bad chemicals but still smells great? Organic hand whipped body butter (99.3%) made with Ghanaian shea butter, raw cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil and Fragrance oil. Butter comes in 3 flavors orange, berry and lemon. A great chocolaty smell without the hassle of those pesky calories 🙂 treat yourself!

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